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Videos of Omar Baddar
The Palestine Papers on Cross Talk
January, 2011
Russia Today; Washington, DC
Branches of Peace
July, 2010
Palestine Center; Washington, DC
On the Goldstone Report
September, 2009
ART What's Happening; Washington, DC
Debate with Attorney Jeff Robbins, former delegate to the UN Human Rights Commission under the Clinton Administration
April, 2009
Lesley University; Cambridge, MA
On Durban II
April, 2009
NECN; Cambridge, MA
Understanding the Conflict: Israel's War on Gaza
February, 2009
Binghamton University; New York
Interview with Professor Noam Chomsky on Gaza & President Obama
January, 2009
Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA
Panel Discussion during Operation Cast Lead on the situation in Gaza
January 14th, 2009
St. Michael's College; Vermont
Aljazeera Debate
Washington, DC
A debate on US policy towards Iraq
University of Memphis
Other Videos
Israeli sewage-dumping affects Palestinian villages
July, 2010

Gaza: A Festival of Lights
June, 2010

Chomsky on Propaganda
June, 2010

Inside Story: Israeli Apartheid Week
March, 2010

US Congressmen Fight for Gaza
December, 2009

What future for 'Greater Israel'?
December, 2009

Animation: Lift siege on Gaza
December, 2009

Settler takeover in Jerusalem
November, 2009

Activists Disrupt Olmert Talk
October, 2009

Goldstone challenges US over Gaza report
October, 2009

Targeting Aljazeera Journalist at Bilin Protest
September, 2009

Torture Tape Implicates UAE Royal Sheikh
April, 2009

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in 2 minutes
February, 2009

UK Jewish MP w/Holocaust background on Gaza
January, 2009

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

Misconceptions of Obama fuel Republican campaign
October, 2008

Settlers attack olive harvest
October, 2008

Israel shoots dead nine-year-old boy
July, 2008

Settlers attack old woman & relatives
June, 2008

Nobel Peace Prize Recipient shot by Israeli army
April, 2007

Israeli soldiers beat Palestinian teenager

Conversations with History: Robert Fisk
February, 2007

Israeli settlers behaving like... Israeli settlers

George Galloway on Sky News
August, 2006

George Galloway takes on the US Senate
May, 2005