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Israeli Apartheid

Israel upholds legality of Jews-only housing
House Evictions in East Jerusalem
Israel rejects bill for equal land allocation


Latest news on Gaza
The Silent War: Israel's Blockade of Gaza
Goldstone Facts
Did you know? Gaza
Animation: Lift the Siege
The Goldstone Report on Gaza
1 week: 7 Israeli violations of ceasefire

Hate & Dehumanization
Anti-Arab and Anti-Jewish racism in the conflict

Poll: Half of Israeli high schoolers oppose equal rights for Arabs
Settlers celebrate murderer of Palestinian civilians
Supreme Court: 'Death to Arabs' dangerous racism
Coach apology for NOT being racist!
Anti-Jewish Sermon on Palestinian television
Poll: 68% of Jews refuse to live in same building as an Arab
Swedish peace activist attacked by Jewish extremists

The Separation Barrier

Avatar Protest at the Barrier
Palestinians Battle Israel's Wall
Targeting Aljazeera Journalist at Bilin Protest
The International Court of Justice Opinion
Israeli Soccer Commercial

Why Oslo failed

Finkelstein and Ben-Ami debate the "peace process"